Most of our business has stemmed from patient referrals. We are very appreciative of the loyal and helpful patients we treat. Here are some of the testimonials from our wonderful patients.

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Thank you!!!


"A big 'thank you Doc' for catching my Aortic Aneurysm. As you know the fatality rate for undetected aneurysms is 90%. This one was in the final stages so there's a good chance you saved my life. Or you did save my life. At any rate thank you so much!  -Don

"Dr. Poole, thank you for saving my husband's life from a large, impending rupture of an abdominal aorta aneurysm. Due to your keen eye of identifying it on your x-ray, my husband will have many more years of quality life. May God be with you! -Kathy

"Visiting your office was my first experience with chiropractic care. I could not be more impressed with the nurturing and caring environment that exists in your office. The entire experience from making my first appointment, to rescheduling appointments, to obtaining reauthorizations for further appointments has been the smoothest I have ever experienced. For the past six years I have experienced lower rib pain, been referred for chest X-rays, CT scans, and physical therapy, but found no diagnosis or pain relief. After five months of treatment in your office, I can finally say my pain has been eliminated. It is hard to believe I can finally wake up each morning and not think about the pain I wil have to endure to proceed through my work day. And even more importantly, I can again enjoy to the fullest the activities I love to do with my grandchildren. To say thank you just does not seem enough, but THANK YOU!   - Mary


"Our 7 year old daughter began having severe chest pain almost a year ago. Her pain was constantly a 7-10 on the pain scale. We tried a couple medications for acid reflux, multiple blood tests, a procedure to internally check her stomach and esophagus, many heart tests and monitors, emergency room visits for passing out and severe heart pain, and medication for musculoskeletal pain. After nearly a year of tucking her into bed every night crying in pain, we came to see Dr. Dennis Poole. Within minutes, Dr. Poole pinpointed the exact source of her pain - a rib that was out of place. A few minutes later, after her first treatment, her pain immediately dropped to a 2 on the pain scale! We have had not more bedtime tears, and several treatments later, her pain was completely gone and we have our active, healthy and happy little girl back. We are so grateful for how Dr. Poole helped our daughter!    - Rachel


“I had an auto accident 10 years ago, leaving me with a knee injury, neck and lower back pain, and migraines. Vicodin and Topamax are the drugs of choice for most migraine sufferers, but I needed to work so I couldn’t take them. My doctor tried different medications only to treat the symptoms.  My Migraines were getting worse and more frequent. I withdrew from friends and activities I used to love because I was in pain 9-12 days out of the month. In desperation I went to my medical doctor and requested a referral to the chiropractor because we had already tried everything out there. So I came to Dr. Poole and on my first visit when my neck popped, I felt everything fall into place and received instant relief. I continued coming for my 6 week therapy and by then I had gone from 12 excruciating migraines a month to only 1 a month.  Life has smiled at me once more, just when I thought there was no way out of this one. Thanks to Dr. Poole and his wonderful staff, I can exercise, enjoy my family, and work with children in Dentistry, which I love. May God bless you!”    - Mercedes


"I came to see Dr. Poole after spending four days in the hospital for numbness in both legs.  The doctors at the hospital assured me that I had no other choice but to have surgery and were reluctant to let me go home.   After two and a half weeks of working with Dr. Poole I am able to walk again unassisted, do housework and even hopefully go back to work soon!  I feel amazing from being practically paralyzed from the waist down to where I am today!  Thank you Dr. Poole and your wonderful staff for all your positive energy!      - Michelle


"I have been a patient of Dr. Poole's for three months now and have experienced a true miracle! When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy and did not have much feeling in the left side of my face and my eye drooped and I couldn't smile like I used to. After visiting Dr. Poole for a few months I woke up in the morning and had full feeling in my face and I could smile big and open my left eye completely! I am so happy! I believe Dr. Poole was the one who made this happen due to fixing pinched nerves. I am so grateful for Poole Chiropractic and to God!  - Gayla


"This is my second session of my very first time to see a chiropractor. I had been referred because of leg pain from sitting too long while driving or at the desk working. Excessive pain, almost unbearable with loss of strength in ability to stand. Ultrasound and 15 minutes of alignment later and I stood up feeling revived, looser, alive and free of pain. The next three days I sat from 8:45 am to 10:00 pm with few breaks in class and the whole time "PAIN FREE."  YEAH! Thank you Dr. Poole!        - Ron


"I was having a lot of pain in my hips, knees and low back areas. I was training for a marathon and running was becoming a dreaded event because of the subsequent pain. Dr. Poole was able to solve my problems and not only alleviate the pain and discomfort but help me cross the finish line!"         - Shari

"Life is too short to spend even one minute in pain! I have been a patient of Dr. Poole's since 1981. I have lived in several cities in Orange and LA County and tried several times to find a chiropractor that is even half as good as Dr. Poole without success. He is worth the long drive. I only trust him to fix my neck and back. He has added years to my life and made my life happier!  - Elena

"My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Poole since 1975! It started with a back injury, then as the family grew, maintenance for better health. Dr. Poole helped our daughter with her disabilities and she grew to become a normal young lady. He helped me through my menopause and now he is with us in our aging process. We would follow him to any place he may go."     - Rose & Ron


"I've been coming to see Dr. Poole since 1979. I used to to have lower back and rib problems. For several years I have been pain free because of Dr. Poole's techniques and by coming in for a maintenance adjustment every four weeks. It has really paid off continuing treatment. Whenever I have an injury now it isn't so painful because of the continued maintenance. He has taught me a lot about exercises that keep me healthy."      - Wells


"I was in a terrible car accident in May 2001. At that time there was some doubt as to whether I would walk again. I spent one year in a wheel chair! Dr. Poole is part of a wonderful team that has me not only walking but biking and hiking also. I suffer from reoccurring headaches and it is such a comfort knowing that I can come to Dr. Poole and get instant relief! I tell anyone in pain about the "magic" touch of Dr. Poole. Thank you Dr. Poole!!!"           - Gabe


"Dr. Poole is the best. I call him "magic hands." He spends the extra time needed to explain the details and that is very important to me. The staff is as sweet as pie and are always willing to help with insurance issues and scheduling. I sent my sister here and she too loves it. Thank you all for your wonderful service!"            - Jane