About Us

Meet the Poole Doctors!

The chiropractic tradition in the Poole family began in the 1920’s with our Great Aunt Hazel. She truly was a pioneer in chiropractic. Since then, my father, Leland Poole, myself, Dennis Poole and two of my sons are now chiropractors. I have three sons and two of them are chiropractors and Dr. Adam Poole is currently working with me. My son, Dr. Eric Poole, has his own practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, and my other son, Aaron Poole, lives in Lemoore, California, and he is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy as a Medical Doctor, OBGYN.


Our Logo

We created a new logo in hopes to illustrate the Poole Chiropractic philosophy. Chiropractic helps to bring out the life force and innate healing capability in each of us, so we can reach our potential.

We incorporated an OAK TREE, a HUMAN and a SPINE in the logo. The oak tree is the mightiest of all trees and represents courage, happiness in marriage, health, prosperity, strength, strong constitution, wealth.

In ancient times, the Druids believed the Oak Tree leaves had the power to heal and renew strength.

The TRUNK represents the present and reveals the life force and creative spirit within each of us. BRANCHES represent desired future goals. FRUIT or FLOWERS represent attainment of goals.